Accelerate Your Cash Flow with Invoice Factoring Solutions

Transform your invoices into immediate cash with our invoice factoring services. Ideal for businesses looking to improve cash flow, expand operations, or manage payroll without waiting for customer payments. Unlock the value of your accounts receivable today and fuel your business growth.

Why The Funding Family

Our goal is for a business owner to focus on the growth of their business. Leave your financial needs to our expert lending specialists.

What Sets Us Apart | The Funding Family

What Sets Us Apart

Experience transparent, customer-first service with no hidden fees, no equity requirements, and the flexibility to save on early payoffs. We're not just a lender; we're your financial partner.

Our Unique Approach | The Funding Family

Our Unique Approach

Leveraging advanced technology, The Funding Family's FamilyScore™ algorithm strategically connects you with top lenders. We ensure you get the best financial terms tailored to your business's unique industry demands.

Financial Success | The Funding Family

Financial Success

Skip the hassle of bank-hopping for financial solutions. Our team of experts is here to guide you through a smooth funding process, ensuring rapid and responsible financing for your business.


  • Immediate Access to Cash: Turn outstanding invoices into cash within 24 hours.
  • Improve Cash Flow: Eliminate the waiting period for customer payments.
  • No Debt Accumulation: Factoring is not a loan; improve your cash flow without incurring debt.
  • Focus on Growth: With better cash flow, focus your efforts on expanding your business rather than chasing payments.
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How It Works

  1. Submit Invoices: Send us the invoices you wish to factor.
  2. Quick Verification: We quickly verify your invoices and advance up to 90% of the invoice amount.
  3. Receive Cash: Funds are deposited into your account within 24 hours of verification.
  4. Balance Upon Payment: Once your customer pays the invoice, we send you the remaining balance, minus our fee.
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Success Stories/Testimonials

"Our construction company faced significant delays in payments, which affected our ability to take on new projects. The Funding Family's invoice factoring service was a game-changer, providing us with the immediate cash flow we needed." - Sofia G., Construction Business Owner

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